Fundamentals of 3D Computer Animation
Teaches the fundamental principles of animation, both computer and classical, including advanced techniques in character animation and dynamic scene design using advanced software. Emphasis on techniques such as key-frames, motion paths, and inverse kinematics. Students are introduced to concepts and workflows to develop 3D models for games and animation. Students learn how to model, UV, Texture, Animate, and Render using Autodesk Maya, and various applications in the Adobe creative suite to create textures and videos of their projects.
Summer 2019
MODS Summer "APPtitude" program
-Teaching Assistant-
The App-titude Internship Program is one of the many programs offered by The Salah Foundation STEM Center for Education and Career Development and is underwritten by United Way of Broward County. This exciting two-year internship exposes high school students to careers in computer science and engineering while being introduced to coding.
-Museum of Discovery and Science Ft. Lauderdale-
Florida Atlantic University professors teach a summer program to create Websites, Games and other interactive media. Graduate teaching Assistants assist teach an Introductory animation class and assist students with producing assets and integrating them into a Unity 3D application.   
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